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Love 360 Degree Video Beach - Enjoy the holiday with virtual reality technology

Now we can enjoy a sunny holiday with 360 degree video beach, no need to spend to much money on expensive tour any more, you still experience an amazing summer holiday with this new technology.
A group of scientist found that, people really want to have a vacation on beach but they don't have enough time or money, this is still a problem with them. Finally, the group of scientist decided to recorded a 360 degree video at a beach and then play it on a VR headset for who have demand.
Before experience beautiful these 360 video, I have some useful post for you first:

Now let's see what they have:

This is a 360 degree video which is made by a fan at a beach in Australia, you can watch it on Youtube or Facebook link:

You can easily feel that the video above is amazing because of these reasons:
  • Chill out like never ever just before using this type of distinctive 360° character movie
  • Escape to at least one of world's most lovely beach locations
  • thirty minutes of nature's sights and seems
  • Paired with calming and comforting tunes
  • Lessen pressure & anxiety

  • 4k Resolution, thirty FPS, 15 Mbs, Filesize: 3.6 GB
  • Delivered from fast CDN servers
Play it on VR headset

Numerous customers in the Samsung Equipment VR have complained concerning the lower high quality of Samsung’s New Milk VR services, which gives plenty of streaming 360 diploma movies. The fact is that you simply can not be immersed inside a scene if a online video is lower top quality. The video clip material on Milk VR is compressed to a degree in which you would like to strike Samsung more than the pinnacle and scream, “What have you been undertaking!”

Luckily, you do not need to count on Milk VR for 360 diploma movies. Come to feel the comfort has just introduced Desire Beach front 360 and it truly is, in most cases, amazing. For $12.ninety nine (or $9.ninety nine in case you make use of the price reduction code REDDIT), you are able to transfer oneself into various Australian seaside places. On top of that, it is possible to obtain possibly the 2K or 4K model, though there is not considerably of the distinction between the two as Equipment VR cannot show 4K to start with.

BIAV people are asked to working day of fun, boating and sun with friends and family with the BIAV Summer time Beachfront Bash! Ready to accept all BIAV people (family and staff), it is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with other BIAV associates and like the Summertime.

Summer Time Beachfront Celebration is going to take position with the gorgeous beachfront grounds and front of your freshly redesigned Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on Saturday, 21 Feb 2016 from 2 pm to 6 pm. All you should do is take your family, staff and boat! bread and sausages, and if you have any other food preferences please don’t hesitate to bring your own! Barbecue and home amenities are for sale to use when.

So, bring your staff, their family and your family to celebrate the Summer and enjoy each others company!

 Above is a simple 360 degree video at a beach, I hope that with this video, you can enjoy your own holiday in a new & cheap way !

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